Glowforge tube not lighting up, and laser not firing

We have had our Glowforge for 6 months now, and are abruptly having issues with the laser not firing. The printer head moves as if it is cutting/scoring/engraving, but the laser doesn’t fire at all. We checked to be sure the power level wasn’t low, and made sure the printer head and all the lenses are clean as well as the air assist and exhaust fans. Any ideas on what may be happening or how to fix? Thanks in advance!


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You should run the Gift of Good Measure and see if the problem persists with a known good design.
The laser head moving but not firing could be that your settings are too low to mark the material, or other design issues and GoGM addresses that.

Worse case scenario you’re looking at something that will require a major repair so fingers crossed it’s something easy!

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Hi @carolinawoodcompany. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some trouble with your Glowforge not firing its laser during prints. I saw you had an opened email support request, which is being troubleshooted for this same issue. To avoid any confusion, or miscommunication, I’ll close this thread. Thank you!