Glowforge tuchas


Thanks Dan.

Love a company that has “swegways” (electric self-balancing scooters). :smiley:

Mine’s black by the way. :wink:

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Thank you very much! This is info. I can use, as well.

Indeed! I wondered about this for set up when mine eventually arrives. Wanted to have the proper location available for venting. Update when you can.

“tuchas” :laughing:


They are so much fun!

Hope they’re not the ones that have been exploding!


I always thought it was “tookus”. So I thought this was an auto-speller correction of " torches" and wondered what a GF would do with torches (thinking the tiki kind & scratching my head). Turns out I need to brush up on my Yiddish. :smile:


I read “too-chuhs” and was wondering what that would be. Then I saw the photo and it was the behind and realized the same thing you did. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to spell tuchas… :slight_smile:

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Picture like this are fun. So we know you guys get around on balance scooters and use electronic adjustable stand up desks. Fancy :slight_smile:

@dan Nerdy question- Do you know that the CFM is on the exhaust fan? Only asking if the stock fan would be good enough for my application/installation or I am going to have to place a ‘booster’ inline.

dan doesn’t answer the CFM question directly, but he does state the fans are good for 8 feet of ducting (no idea if that’s straight shot of 8 feet or includes a reasonable number of bends.)

Hrm. I am definately going over 8ft.

@dan Unlikely I’d get an answer for this question but let’s see?

I am assuming that all glowforge’s have the option of add-on filter. And there is an interconnect on the bottom of the unit for it. I am assuming that the fans in it (the filter module) are 24V DC (but the voltage is irrelevant) So one could use an SSR on the +V side to trigger something? Specifically a in-line booster?

The secondary question is PWM- Are the fans in the module being speed controlled during a op/job? Or just full blast?

If it is being speed controlled (or not.). An AVR with a level shifter could probably be used to read that value and respond accordingly.

Partial answer: [quote=“dan, post:3, topic:390, full:true”]
It’s pretty loud right now because we put some serious fans in there. They’re all speed controlled by the cloud, though (air filter too) so we’ll be improving the software to run them just as needed.

@karaelena I don’t remember the CFM rating off the top of my head, but as @rpegg says, they’re variable speed. I’d plan for a booster if you’re running over 8’.

Ah okay. I was asking mostly to see if the GF exhaust fans had enough umph to move a draft blocker on it own.

Check out some blast gates. There are even some that have a device that clamps onto the powerchord. When it detects the magnetic induction of the unit receiving power it opens the blast gate.