Glowforge turned off while idle

Hello! After making a simple print (only 50 seconds) I left my machine on and walked away. At some point it lost power and won’t turn back on. I unplugged it, plugged it into another outlet and still it won’t turn on. I’m so puzzled. I haven’t really had any issues with my machine and it is 2 years old but I don’t use it daily. Anyone have advice?

That generally indicates a power supply failure.

Support would likely have you check the power outlet with another device, and possibly change the power cord (it’s a common part used by other electronic devices.)

If those don’t resolve the issue, the machine will need to be replaced.


Thanks. We tried other outlets that are working. Tried new power cord and that didn’t work. Waiting on support to message back.

Mine just did the exact same thing. Have you heard back from support?

Yes although it took 9 days to get a final resolution. They admitted their support is way behind….well, only option is to replace it with a refurbished machine at a discounted price. Mine is a little over 2 years old and the warranty is out. Honestly I ended up finding a 2 month old one locally for $2k less than original purchase price and bought it 7 days after mine died before I finally heard the final response from Glowforge.


Thanks for reporting back.

The same exact thing happened to mine. It worked fine for a short print Thursday and I left it on expecting to go back. It died sometime while sitting idle and there is no sign of power at all. Swapped plugs, tested plug, verified power with multimeter, etc. What is it with GF and their terrible power supplies? Of all of the devices I’ve had over 40+ years this is literally the only one I have ever had a power supply issue with. 20+ computers, none of my TVs, 3D printers, CNC mill, servers, game consoles, microwaves, etc. have had power supply issues. My original GF Plus wasn’t grounded internally and would shock me whenever the laser was firing if I was touching the metal. This replacement, which is about 2 years old and is a hobby machine, so only used on some weekends or after work sometimes, the power supply has died. This should be a fairly easy replacement, if they would only sell the parts.

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Yes! This is the same exact situation!

In my case I sold my not working GF to Macgeek on the community here for parts. He was able to replace the power supply from parts he had and get it working, so it was a dead power supply. I would have replaced it myself if GF had been willing to sell the PSU to me and had used a plug like everyone else rather than hardwiring the high voltage. They seem to have a pretty good system going here where they designed the thing to not be user serviceable and parts aren’t available so you have to keep buying refurbs from them. This is another great example of why we need right to repair. I wasn’t going to spend 3-4 times as much to send it back to them for a refurb.

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