Glowforge turns off and back on right after startup every time

My machine will flicker off then back on right after startup every time recently.

It works fine for multiple cuts afterward but it has me worried.

Anyone encounter this issue?

Yeah, there is a momentary power interruption there, every time I start up. Has been for quite a while now.

Does it recalibrate? Normal firmware update will manifest as what seems like a power blink then a recalibration. Not saying that is what is happening but the symptom is familiar. Haven’t noticed it happening on my Pro in quite a while.

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Believe it’s been addressed as a software bug that affects some units but causes no issues.


Seems odd doesn’t it? that only some are affected…

Good to know at least. It hasn’t seemed to affect performance.

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Possibly. I’m sure they’ve changed components even over the short(ish) course of production. It could be tied to how something in the code interacts with a particular component used, which would only impact certain machines, etc.


If you’re talking about the lights going off for a split second when you turn it on, but after it does the click-click-click thing - that can happen when an update has been pushed to the machine, and it needs to restart itself.

(And yes, I’ve been noticing them a lot lately too. I think they might just be updates.)


Thanks for asking. I apologize for the worry this behavior has caused.

We’ve tracked down the bug responsible. While we don’t have a fix available now, the behavior is harmless, and doesn’t affect any other aspect of your machine or its operation.

I’m going to close this topic. If you have any other questions, please post a new one or email us at