Glowforge UI Bug - Ignored to Engrave produces "No Artwork Found"

I finally bought something from the catalog and decided to give the luggage tags a try. My fiance really liked the design and want’s to give them to her wedding party. The blank back was a bit boring, so I added some artwork and a few lines to make it match the front.

Since my Glowforge camera is way out of alignment compared to my old machine. I loaded the luggage tag, then loaded the file for the back and placed them on top of each other. Then using the UI I ignored the back piece and engraved/cut the front.

When I change the UI to ignore the front artwork and engrave the back, it shows me an error of no artwork until I move the back artwork, then everything works fine.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Load the luggage tag
  2. Load a PNG image and place behind the luggage tag
  3. Set the PNG image to ignore
  4. Cut the luggage tag
  5. Set all UI elements on the front of luggage tag to ignore
  6. Set the PNG to Proograde engrave

Another issue:
The luggage tag cuts the border and small circles in a single job. Unfortunately, it cuts the outer border first, then the circles at the top, which can cause issues if the material isn’t completely flat. I suggest making the circles its own job and place it above the outer border cut.


I had this happen this weekend. I had to ignore the cut and then click on the engrave to get it activated again.

This is happening to me right now and unfortunately @cditty’s workaround is not working. It won’t recognize either proofgrade or manual engrave settings on the proofgrade clear acrylic, only cut.

A clue, printing the gift of good measure engraves fine. Perhaps there is an issue with the other file - off to read more about svg files and engraving vs cutting.

However for example this excellent file from @federico will not engrave no matter what I try, even opened in Illustrator to make sure the cut / engrave pieces were different colors. :glowforge: is more than happy to cut everything but not engrave it. Perhaps someone else who cut this would know:

Engraves only work on fills. If you have an open line that is single stroke, (making it appropriate for only Cutting or Scoring), you will need to convert to fills if you want to engrave it.

In your drawing program of choice (Illustrator, Inkscape or Corel) you will need to Expand the stroke, which turns it into a very skinny filled rectangle with no stroke color. Then you can engrave it in the GFUI.

(And if you want an answer from Support you’ll need to start your own topic in the Problems and Support area of the forum - the new topic is what flags them.)


very helpful thanks Jules

That did the trick perfectly. Much appreciated

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I frequently have pieces that are part cut and part engrave. I also have a lot of trouble seeing the dark red line against the dark background. Thus when I am arranging the pieces I set them all to engrave, this creates a bright filled shape that is easy to arrange but is a smaller area of the tray than is available to cut.

However, if you are planning both with a cut first and engrave later then it is necessary to arrange things with engrave on or when you go to engrave the Glowforge will not see the engraved area and not engrave it.

Many times I am pushing those limits and off by a tic might as well be off by a meter.

If you’d be willing to send us a copy of the file you’re having trouble with, we’d be happy to take a look at it, and we might be able to provide more specific feedback.

You can either post it here, or send it via email, whichever you prefer.

Hi Pip,

I’m out of town getting married tomorrow, then off to my honeymoon. If you want, look on my account and you should see it. It’s the luggage tag sold on the catalog with an additional back piece.

Definitely a priority. Congratulations. :smile:


Congrats to the GF becoming the Wife!

The other GF :glowforge: will still be at home waiting :wink:

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Congratulations, and I hope you had a good honeymoon!

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We’re seeing this too and we’re looking into it.

As a workaround, you’ve already noticed moving the artwork slightly resolves the issue.

I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for letting us know about this!