Glowforge video: making of

Just stumbled across these and thought you all might get a kick. These are all pre-production. Let me know if you like them and I’ll see if I can dig up some more.

Dollhouse final assembly before painting, crating, and shipping:

Tony’s got half the world

George, our director, saw that picture and panicked that the globe might be too big. He asked me for another picture with me in it for scale so he knew what he was dealing with. I tried to look enormous so the globe would look small.

Each of these luggage tags has an email address from one of my past companies.

Maya saying goodbye to Rubberdrone I before it trucked down to LA (she followed in a plane a few days later)

That scene at the very start where the actress assembles a few pieces of cardboard that would later become the globe? Well, those pieces didn’t make it onto the truck, and didn’t fit in my carryon, so I brought this on the plane.

The security guard asked why I was using cardboard puzzlepieces as my neck pillow and I explained, truthfully, that my employees had punk’d me. He let me through.

Let me know if this was interesting and I’ll post actual behind-the-scenes pictures if I can dig them up… questions also welcome.


Like em. Grandfather was a civilian model builder for the Navy. Bet he could have used a GF. If only lasers had been invented.

Loved seeing them! More…more, please!


Soaking up everything. Keep em comin!

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Looks like a fun place to work :smiley: too bad you don’t need my skills lol and yes I agree more is better.

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“He’s got the whole world, in his hands.” Man, that glob is big!

Congratulations, you won the prize. We would also have accepted an Ayn Rand or stack of turtles joke for full credit.


Darn. I can’t believe I missed that opportunity: “Dan checking to see if it really is turtles all the way down”.

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There will be other chances.

Not sure if @polarbrainfreeze was trying to punk him, now we know what @dan was looking for.


These are great, thanks for sharing would love to see more from your archive …

That was the first thought in my brain when I saw that. It would make a great cereal bowl if it didn’t have so many holes.:smiley: Scaled down though, made out of solid wood slices, it would make a great turning project for my lathe. I wonder how many planets have usable contour maps?

Technically the contours mean nothing. The earth seen as a whole has a really smooth surface. It’s actually smoother than a billiard ball. But then again a ball is not much fun to look at. I could see doing the whole solar system but to distinguish the planets you could use different colored cardboard or excentuate details. Like saturns ring.

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Those are awesome!
Would be able to show an example or video of a large etched or cut-out type of sign that would utilize the pass-through slots on the Glowforge Pro model?

I’m curious to see how the pro models would be able to use the pass through slots.

I really was hoping to see video of a factory making Glowforges! But these are nice too.

Seems legit:

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I’m aware that the details would have to be exaggerated, was just thinking of a starting point for the project. An airbrush would work nicely for painting the cardboard. For what I was thinking, the wood would have to be nearly featureless, or I would have to bandsaw a large block into layers to be laminated back together. Hmm, this might be a better project for the CNC mill, if it ever arrives.

On one of the news sites, I think it was a Make article that had your intro video. I thought at first it was an identical copy to the video on the website but then something caught my attention at 0:31 second mark. The poor man’s hand went right through the Ipad…


I find them really great, thanks Dan! De