Glowforge was bumped when on and now my prints are not cutting or engraving correct

When my glowforge was on it got bumped a couple times now my prints and engravings are off
I am doing engrave then cut with the same file
And it is off. Also when I cut a circle it is cutting a little longer than it should
I checked the tracks. Cleaned the lenses and try to re calibrate but nothing is fixing it.
I’ve wasted so much material trying to fit it

I need help

Hi @smmadellc - welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Hopefully we can get you going again.

First question - do you have a Glowforge: Pro, Plus, or Basic, or an Aura?


It is the plus

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Welcome to the forum.

Turn it off and back on and all should be well. When the printhead is moved with the machine on, the software loses track of the location of the printhead. If it still isn’t working properly, print the Gift of Good Measure and share the result here.


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