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Hi all, I have a Glowforge basic. I get very frustrated because when I go to cut various times, my glowforge won’t cut. Could this be because of my Wi-Fi!

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How far away from the wifi is it? Have you tried removing and re-adding to the wifi? Additionally if you check your wifi channel settings typically channel 11 or channel 8 are less used and less interference for wireless activity

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Does it say offline? If not, then it is unlikely that it is the wifi. When you say it won’t cut, do you mean it doesn’t do anything or it doesn’t cut all the way through?


Can you see the view of your material and project on your computer when you go into dashboard. If you can you are connected to your glowforge. When you say it won’t cut, is the start button on the glowforge pulsing on and off blue? Good luck, but if you can see the material in the glowforge and load your project it’s not your wifi… I had to install a wifi extender.

No it’s not offline. It will do the actions like it’s suppose to cut, but it does not cut through. It’s ver inconsistent with the cutting.

My Wi-Fi is right near it. You can everything, but it is very inconsistent with cutting. One time it will cut the next it won’t.

What material are you cutting that is causing this issue. Are your optics clean?


Yes I can see everything. The glowforge is just very inconsistent with cutting. It goes through the motions, but it doesn’t always cut. One time it will the next time it won’t

Yes I can, & it will go through the motions to cut. But it will not always cut. One time it will the next time it won’t

This sounds like a settings or file issue, no relation to the wifi.

  1. Double check your settings haven’t reverted to 1 power, it’s been known to happen.

  2. When you say cut do you sometimes mean engrave? Vector shapes stacked on top of each other behave this way - goes through the motions but don’t actually engrave. The extra shapes need to be deleted in your design software.


Anyone with this kind of issue should always try the gift of good measure on a piece of proof grade using the settings the machine defaults to for that material. If that doesn’t work perfectly then take pictures front and back of the material and send those to GF support. They may have to adjust the settings of the machine. If that file works then your issue is the file you are trying to use. This is the easiest way to troubleshoot your machine for things like this.


What @beerfaced said, that’s your true test. If you’re not using proofgrade material, it could be a material issue as well…

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