Glowforge won't power on and outlets are fine

My Glowforge won’t power on at all. I have checked the wall outlet and they work properly. I tried a different power cord like the article reads on the support page. Still doesn’t turn on. No lights, no humm, no nothing. I have had it about 2 years, haven’t used it hardly at all because I got diagnosis with breast cancer right after I got it and I’m just getting well enough to start using it. I really could use any help with this issue.

Unfortunately, if you are certain the cord is fine (plug something else into it if you have it) then it is likely the power supply has failed, and the machine will need to be replaced.

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the whole machine??? or can they just replace a part… it hasn’t run even 10 hours

They don’t offer repairs for machines, they just replace them and use parts from yours to build up a new “refurbished” machine.‘’

I received one recently and it is like-new.


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