Glowforge Wont Power On

Having trouble. Just as a project finished and it was homing the laser back the machine just flicked off and stopped running. Now it wont turn on. I’ve tried other appliances/powered items in the same socket and the only thing that does not turn on is the Glowforge. Would appreciate any insight.


verify the interlock on the backside near the plug and power switch.

I have seen people comment that when that gets out of place a little bit and then you get nothing…

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dumb question:
whats part is the interlock?

well crap. I cannot really describe it.

it is the connector above the power cord. I am at work otherwise I could snap a pic.

I have never had to fool with mine so I can’t really be more help that pointing you in a possible direction.

If you have a basic there is no interlock, unless it was added to the newer machines, if that the case then you will need to wait for support…

ah yeah, I have the plus but looks like I dont have anything like that

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The only other suggestion I have is to try a different cable, they use a normal computer plug. My sons dog chewed the one it came with so I replaced it with a regular computer power cable. Otherwise you may looking at a power supply issue…

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hey, i’ll take it. off to try this now

and its a no. worth a try though!

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Sorry, now just to wait for support…

Oh no! I’m so sorry you’ve hit a snag.

Your Glowforge should be plugged directly into a grounded wall outlet that meets local building codes. If you haven’t already, please do the following:

  1. Unplug your Glowforge from the wall
  2. Plug another device directly into the same outlet and see if it works
  3. If the device does not work, have an electrician investigate. It may be a blown fuse, a broken outlet, or something else
  4. If the outlet works, unplug the other end of the cord from the Glowforge unit itself
  5. Inspect both ends of the power cord; if you notice any damage, try another power cord
  6. Plug in the end of the power cord that goes to the Glowforge, making sure it is inserted all the way in
  7. Plug the other end of the power cord into the outlet, making sure it is inserted all the way in
  8. If your Glowforge still won’t power on, try another outlet

Let me know what you find!

Currently speaking with a GF representative via email as it sounds like it is a power supply issue. Thank you!

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Thank you for the update @dschuylerburks. Its sounds like you’re being taken care of by our team via email, so to avoid duplicate communications I’m going to close this thread.