Glowforge won't refresh

I am having so much trouble getting my Glowforge to refresh the bed image. I’m spending more time waiting than printing and have once again spent my lunch break waiting for a print.
My wifi is strong.
I’ve unplugged everything and restarted
I’ve opened the lid hoping it will force a refresh.
I’ve tried to print the old image in hopes it will force a refresh, but then it just says “Centering” or “Calibrating”.

I’m so frustrated. This has been happening for about three weeks. I can’t figure out what causes it to actually refresh. It’s very random.

Unless it’s an issue with a cable failing, that’s a wifi issue.

If it’s a cable you’ll need to wait for support to chime in. So focusing on wifi…any new equipment in the house? ISP run a background update? Get a new router? New neighbors moved in/upgraded their stuff?

Do you have the same issue if you switch to running off a cell-phone hotspot?

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I haven’t had any internet changes. It knows when the lid is open and seems to be communicating but just won’t refresh the camera. The refresh bed image isn’t clickable.

I’m not sure what to do. I’m searched the forums and tried everything I can think of. My glowforge bed image won’t refresh. It’s been two hours.

These are the official troubleshooting steps, in case you missed them:

Good luck!

Right now it’s been “Scanning” for about 20 minutes.

Yeah, what @deirdrebeth said. The GFs are real touchy about any missing data or hiccups anywhere between it and the servers and back again. That’s why we toss the checklist to rule out the WiFi.
Seems like the connection could be okay due to lid open/shut, on/off communication. Nothing we can suggest to help with it if it’s the black cable. If you’ve been using it consistently for the last year and a half opening the gf lid all the way it’s likely. I don’t remember when they started using longer cables. It’s a support issue to get you a new one though.

Hang tight as they can be slow(er than anyone wants) but they will treat you well when they get to you.

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Hello @jgreen1, thank you for reaching out. I see you have also emailed us about this and we’ve responded to you there. To avoid duplication I’m going to close this topic.