Glowforge Wont Start

So I have My Glowforge :smiley: yay! I unboxed it, was going through the process of setting up and hit a snag - the GF doesn’t send out a Wifi Signal and the button isn’t glowing except for when it moves - it’s acting like it’s self adjusting.

Has anyone else had this problem.

Have no idea what you’ve done so far… If you hold the button down for 10+ seconds it should turn teal and you can start the wifi connection process per the manual.


i’ll try that when i get home from work


FYI: That sounds like it’s trying to calibrate the head.

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If I remember correctly at that point you connect to the GF broadcast directly from your computer and tell it the name of your network. Then it connects directly to that. But it’s all in the manual so don’t want to give partial info.


yeah I’ve got it and started down that path, but then it started calibrating the head (yes I agree that is what it sounds like it is doing) and lost the signal. Hopefully the 10+ seconds works. I held it down for about half that and tried turning it off and unplugging for the night as well to no avail. we’ll try the button holding again

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I’ve done it just to see what happens, but a long time ago. It’s the standard method of changing wifi networks. Have never lost the connection in 7 months.

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BTW: Here is the GF wifi troubleshooting online section. I have no idea whether folks who have not received the unit can view this. But you should now have access.

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General question. Is there a list of all the fault codes tied to the Start button. Are they in documentation available at delivery? :sunglasses:

@rpegg Yes, it can be viewed in advance of shipment. Thanks!


Occasionally, Wi-Fi setup succeeds and still shows an error message. Since your Glowforge started moving, it’s likely your connection succeeded. Would you try the following please?

  1. Restart your Glowforge
  2. Sign in to
  3. If the app loads, go ahead and try out a print.

If not, you can follow the instructions here to re-try Wi-Fi setup.

Would you let us know what happens?

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Will do. I got home late from work last night and was able to restart the Glowforge, but didn’t have time for anything else.

Reset, wifi connection showed up, got it set up - thanks!

Double thanks @rpegg

I’ll post when I start printing now :slight_smile: yay

Update: That worked perfectly.