Glowforge Wont Work In The Middle

I am hoping someone has some insight! Just got a Glowforge Pro and it won’t engrave once it gets to the middle of the machine. It starts to fade out as it gets close to the middle and just wont engrave in the middle at all. Has anyone had this happen?

How long have you had your machine?
it SOUNDS like your laser tube has gone out of alignment, or the tube has died



One whole day!! How is alignment fixed?

Well, poop on a rope! - UPS must have man handled it!
contact glowforge support ( may take a week, but they
will send you out a replacement!


YUP - run THIS and print it out and send the picture to tech support

Thanks so much! Did all of those steps and contacted them and included the picture. It is pretty bad!

YUP - exactly what I thought, this happens when UPS plays dodgeball with a laser


Dangit. We are following what their email said to do, check the mirror, etc but I bet you are correct. Thank you for your help!!


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