Glowforged Halloween Masks


Some friends of mine went as a group to a Halloween party this year and we whipped up some animal masks on a Glowforge:

Made on chipboard using Glowforge cut and score settings (for folds).

Mask templates purchased (and in some cases slightly modified) from:


nice job!


I bet you guys (generically speaking) were a hit!. Did you receive lots of questions about where got the masks, or how you made them? - Rich


Shut. Up. That’s amazing!!!


Hurrah! So “score” is a thing? On many different materials?


Yep some thought we bought them from a store - but this party is always full of professional costumers and artists so we got some cool recognition from them for hand-made work.


Inspiring work!
You can still see the smiles under the masks.


Getting excited now…that is an amazing job! (Maybe an electric fox for next year.)

Chipboard I got.

(I’m about to OD on ideas…too many coming too fast.)


Those masks are pretty cool! I made a tiger head last year for my girlfriend.


Hey @brianfioca. Thanks for sharing. These look great!

Can I ask what kind of chipboard you used? I was under the impression that some types have too much glue or other chemicals and a laser can have a rough time with them. Is that a thing, or am I thinking of something else?


Hmm, I actually don’t know - maybe someone else at HQ can answer. It was just chipboard we have at the office.


Those look great. Who is that in the back with the wolf mask? Is that @dan? I am just assuming anyone who is so much taller than everyone else is him. :grin:


In the back right with the black mask and black coat? That’s me and it’s supposed to be a panther. :slight_smile:


Very cool! Though I can’t see animal masks anymore without thinking about Hotline Miami.


And the girl you’re with is a fox! (sorry, I couldn’t resist) :v: - Rich


Haha that’s a friend of mine. I’ll tell her you said so. My wife is the ram in the middle. :smile:


Do you two often butt heads? (oh groan) I have to stop now… - Rich


Super cool! I’ve seen and really like the wintercroft designs. Dragon hands! :grin:


Guy on the left needs to falco punch something.


I also made some of these masks from WinterCroft for Halloween.

It took printing templates, applying them to posterboard, and then hours and hours of very tedious cutting with an exacto knife.

I was swearing up and down that I didn’t have my GF already…