Glowforges at conferences (CES and elsewhere)


Just a quick heads up: we’re planning to have a few public Glowforge displays this month. I’ll be at CES along with @bailey, @Kusmeroglu, @Kiko, and a few others. If you’ll be there, drop by and say hello!

I’m also going to be speaking at Google’s inaugural Ubiquity conference, O’Reilly’s inaugural design conference, and hanging out ORD camp. If you’ll be at any of those, say hi! It’ll be a busy January. :slight_smile:

Its pretty quiet around here

Awesome, I will be at CES and can’t wait to see the Glowforge in person…


Shoot loads of video for the cool stuff you do while your there, so you can share them here!!! …Please.


I can’t make it but shoot some fun video and take pics! Glad to see Glowforge is still motivated to expand their market!

Have Fun!


Looking forward to it. We will be at CES walking around and will make sure to stop over and pick your brain a bit.


Any news from CES? Photos, Video’s Demos etc…


Does anyone happen to know what the least expensive way to get into CES to see the Glowforge display might be? I have never been to CES and just happen to be in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Thanks for your time and info!


Just go onto the site and register for the show floor. It’s been a few years since I’ve been, but it was always free for just the show floor. The only caveat here is that you need to be “within the consumer electronics industry” so basically a business card with your name on it printed at Staples will work, they usually ask when you pick up your badge… :wink: I worked for an IT company but you could tell a few number of the registerants were there with no real company affiliation.


Will see if I can find the show floor registration. I poked around there a couple of days ago and only ran across the $$$ options.

Thanks for the info!


This popped up in my twitter feed:

Checking out the @glowforge laser cutter #ces2016 (at CES)

— John Biehler (@JohnBiehler) January 7, 2016

Not sure how to get the picture attached to the tweet to copy in but there is a link.


No problem. You may not view it as a favor. Picture in your mind the busiest largest conference you can imagine and then double it … welcome to CES. If you love gadgets it’s something you should try to get to once in your life, but you may not want to make it twice.


Thanks for the share @ihermit2


From what I can see in the photo, that looks like the Pro version. Looks like 1/4" opening on the front and rear of the unit.


Doesn’t mean it’s a pro. If they’re smart they’re making one case mold and then installing either fixed panels or the open ones depending on which model they’re making.


My bad, I was under the impression the Pro is the only unit to have the 1/4" opening in the front and back of the case.



Interesting. It looks like they have insulation over the vent tubing, wonder if that makes it quieter…


I like that “wonder”…


Here are a couple more pictures I found on Twitter:



Glowforge is also mentioned here about 1/2 way down the page:

The very first product is pretty interesting too…


So I’m wondering what the white oval thing is in the Glowforge pic. Pump? Fluid reservoir? Something else?