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UGH is it just me, or is this not working?? I was thinking woot, I’d be able to easily combine several designs into one cut go instead of having to do them all separately. Nope. I thought maybe it just won’t work with catalog designs; although not being able to paste INTO a catalog design is annoying. So I made sure to try to paste into and copy from only glowforge workspaces of files I uploaded (not catalog items) but that didn’t work either. Anyone have a thought or suggestion?

It works great for many users, but others have reported that it won’t work for them. If you try several different browsers and it won’t work, email Glowforge support.


Good to know. I think I’ve only tried 2. I’ll systematically go through the four or five I have and see if any work out tomorrow.

Works in Chrome (recommended) but also Firefox and Safari here.

It didn’t until recently.


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