Glowfroge started acting strange, head is jumping around

My GF has been a neat toy, but today when I tried to make a print, instead of rastering back and forth, the head is jerking, and it is going way to the right. I do not see anything close to what I asked it to do, it is smeared across a $15 piece of mirrored acrylic. The head jerking back and forth so fast is obviously taking it out of alignment and causing it to veer to the right. Anyone know whats up here?

Was this masked? I can see a naked mirror surface playing havoc with GF’s computer vision systems

Check the belts and pulleys for any debris.

I think it was something strange in the file. There was an image that had been inverted when it was put together, and I wonder if that data was still in there? I use Visio right now just dinking, no time to really learn an artistic program. I am using another file, and that works. I remove the blue stuff, and add my own masking tape to both sides, and I have actually found that etching on the mirror side looks better. You can even take finger polish and fill in the etching to get a see through coloring. Sorry for the rush to judgment, but I think this one is my fault…

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Glad to hear it!
We do have an issue with how the app handles bitmaps that have been flipped. You can read about a couple of simple solutions here.

Please post a new thread if this recurs or you have a new question.