Glowgorge not scanning complete board on crumb tray

Why will the camera not scan my full piece of wood? It is proofgrade medium draft board. Its not scanning about 1’ of the wood closest to the back side.

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There is an overlay (the rulers) on the image that limits the amount you can see to the part of the bed that the head can reach.

Since we can’t cut on the whole board, they limit the view to what the head can reach. If you want to use up the whole board, place your design starting in the front right hand corner, with the metal part of the grid completely covered by the material in the front. (Use a lower right hand origin.)

The board can be flipped over to access that hidden inch on the left and back side. (Useful for little things like Honeycomb pins and spacer sticks.)


Thank you very much for your help.

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My pleasure! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much for that great advice, @Jules !

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