#Glowvember - a design-make-share challenge

Nov 7: Coaster

Of course the best one to add electricity to is the one holding a condensation-laden cup, right?

I could have done a better job with the flames, but it’s a one-day build and I have to work late tonight, so this is it. :wink:

Here it is lit up in the dark. It’s amazing how much light can be put off by a coin battery and a couple of small LEDs.

It’s 3 layers thick (well, 4, if you count the cork ring on the very bottom). The bottom layer (not the cork) is a ring of thick acrylic. This leaves enough room for the battery and LEDs. The middle layer is just a solid medium transparent acrylic circle with a few score lines to try to make the flames pop a little. And the top layer is an outer ring of medium acrylic and the cork design in the middle.


Love this idea!!! Would be interested for a new one to go up each month. Can you imagine - 365 days of laser?! (Right now I’m at about 4 days/month… lol)

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Right now I’m at about 4 days/month

Until this month, you were way ahead of me! :rofl:


Nov 8: Business Card

Infomercial (i.e. setup a situation NO ONE has and offer a solution NO ONE needs):

Announcer: Have you had this happen to you?
Client: I know I was supposed to call you last week to set up that great deal, but I gave your business card to a friend and didn’t know your number.
Sad Guy: If only there were a way to hand out two business cards at once.
Announcer: And now there is! Introducing the SHARABLE business card! Your client can keep your card while sharing the pop out card with a friend. Amazing!!!

I really wanted to do this in cardstock, but the engrave just wasn’t visible. The top one is my best effort at pulling off cardstock anyway. I put a thin layer of black acrylic paint on yellow stock and engraved that. I won’t call it a success, but maybe someone can learn from my trials. :slight_smile:

And the little tabs holding the embedded copy in place need to be a bit smaller. I torn the card getting the embedded one out.

Information is all parameterized in the Cuttle project:


Nov 9: Tie Hanger
I’ve had a long day and I have to get up super early, so this is a simple one. Just cut and assemble.


I love LEDs and acrylic. What does the circuit look like? Is like a LED throwie? A coin cell and a LED?

I tried to post this yesterday, but the forum software won’t allow more than 3 consecutive posts by the same user. I couldn’t post again until someone else did. Thanks, @bwente !

Nov 10: New House Tag
Ok, I wasn’t sure what was meant by this one, so I made a configurable house sign.

There’s a flag, invertCorners, that can be flipped to give the following instead:


Yes, it’s a throwie, just no magnet. :slight_smile:

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Nov 11. Christmas Ornament
I’ve been wanting to make a parametric snowflake for quite some time. I finally have a reason to just do it. :slight_smile:

If you go to the project, you can change the multiple aspects of the snowflake. Here are a few samples in some different colors of acrylic:

This picture doesn’t quite do them justice, especially the transparent blue ones.


Love these! Here are some ornaments I made for mine: #

(These have a puzzle built in too!)


Nov 12. Wine Glass Marker

You just need to add one of the following:

  • Jewelry Hardware
  • Ribbon
  • Colored String

These are also pretty great for using scrap acrylic material from other projects. I wouldn’t cut the hanger piece from wood, but the markers themselves could be.

Close up of the completed ones and additional markers.


LOL I had to look up the key to your puzzle. Very nice!

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@ESteele These are coming out so well!

I feel like you should cross post some of these to the Free Laser Designs category as I think a lot of people would appreciate them! Especially the Christmas Ornament since it’s so timely…


Keep up the good work. Don’t lose your streak.

You will have a lot of designs once your finished.

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@bwente Thank you both!

I didn’t even think of cross-posting any of these, but that’s a good idea. :slight_smile:


Nov 13. Tool for a Tool: Soldering Iron Holder
Turns out I needed this! My cheap soldering iron didn’t come with a stand. At some point I’ll buy one of the coiled wire ones, but this will hold me for the little bit of soldering I do.

This is a no-glue setup, without the need to dial in the design to a snug fit. It uses a tusk tenon design to hold the legs in place. This has the added benefit of making it easy to disassemble if you’d like to store it flat.

You just press the angled pins into the holes, sandwiching the leg between two pins.


Would that be considered a mortise and tenon joint, or is there another name for a mortise and tenon with a 3rd locking bit?

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It’s called a tusk tenon. I had to do some searching to find that. I knew it had to have a name of its own! :wink:

With a mortise and tenon, typically the hole doesn’t go all the way through and is glued. Technically, they are all mortise and tenon, but this one (and many others I found out) have specific names of their own.


Wow, I didn’t notice the “tusk tenon” on my first glance. That’s really cool!

This view helped me see what was going on:

The cross bar goes in through the holes, then is locked in place on either side with the “tusks”. Very clever design!

This woodworker article on tusk tenons also helped me see it better.


Thanks for teaching me a new word!


It’s a really popular way to make furniture for camping (glamping to be more accurate) because it sets up and breaks down easily for flat-pack loading into a vehicle :slight_smile: