#Glowvember - a design-make-share challenge

This is an idea that’s been banging around my head for a while, for makers in November.

Just spend just a few minutes each day designing and making something on your laser machine. If you do every day, by the end of November, you’ll have 31 items you can put up for sale. Hopefully people joining in will also share their ideas, tips, plans etc. Each day has a very loose prompt, to can be interested any way you see fit - an idea boost if you like!

EDIT: Lost the extra day I inadvertently added!


Good idea, but November has 30 days so the 31st is goiong to be a problem. :wink:


@dklgood You missed the meta-challenge: invent a new day on your Glowforge :slight_smile:

Use proofgrade time for best results.


I’m still working on creating something in each month of the year!


I’m gonna be busy on the 24th cooking turkey. Cute idea though—can’t wait to see your items!


Looks fun…but what is a revision disk?


Sounds like a lovely idea :slight_smile: Have an absolute blast - I’m looking forward to pictures!


Thanks! Changed!


I saw this on the Cuttle Discord server. So I’ll be designing, but maybe not cutting them if I don’t have an actual need, but I’ll post the designs here also.


Nov 1. Handmade Tag

This is a parametric design. The dimensions, text, font, corner rounding and hole diameter can all be altered on the main page.


Nov 2. Travel Game (Backgammon)

Main page should be self explanatory.


Loving that you are using Cuttle too- it is such a simple yet powerful interface to use!

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I’m really glad you started this. It will force me to get better at using Cuttle. I’ve decided that they all will be designed in Cuttle so I can better learn it. :slight_smile:

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Nov 3. Quote

I’d been looking for the right project to test some flooring I have as engraving material. This was perfect and I love the results. The results right after the engrave wasn’t optimal. The material doesn’t leave a good burn color behind. Much of it looked like it had been scraped out, not burnt. So I gave it a coat of black paint before weeding.

This may be the most professional looking item I’ve generated on the Glowforge to date! :smiley:


That is lovely!

Whatever you’d like it to be- I’m making a times table disk for my youngest son to help him.

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Nov 4: Bookmark

This project allows you to alter the width, height, text, font and if you’d like to leave space for an image to be placed before engraving.

The leather split I used for this is so thin, I was able to use my settings for cutting paper. On the bright side, there was no need for masking. :smile:


Nov 5: Earring Stand

I asked the wife what kind of earring stand she’d like and she suggested something with fish. Since we have koi in our pond and she really likes them, I thought I’d do it koi themed. However, I did seriously under-estimate the number of earrings she has. LOL

I put a Japanese koi pond image in the ring tray.

I like trying to push the limits of the detail I can achieve using the Glowforge, so I tried making little fish as part of the living hinge. I’m not sure I pulled it off. I think they look more like sharks than koi.


That is phenomenal! I really love that design, especially the Living Hinge!


Nov 6: Egg Stand

I’m not sure if this was what was meant by an “egg stand”, but the interpretation is part of the challenge, right? :wink:

Bigger image for those who don’t want to click to Cuttle…

I left the sign kind of rough to make it look hand painted, but I think I might give it another coat of white.