#Glowvember - a design-make-share challenge

Thank you for the reply and compliment, @mr.lockyer . That allows me to continue with the next post…

Nov 24. Educational Tool

Normal Distribution/Bell Curve Generator

I always found that any math topic is better understood when it can be applied to real life. This Plinko-style project allows students to build a normal distribution or bell curve just by dropping bearings onto the center-top of the board.

There are a ton of options. It’s designed to handle any sized ball with any sized pins and adjust the size of the “buckets” at the bottom so you can do larger distributions. Or just make a big Price Is Right Plinko board of your own!

Here’s a short video of it in action…


I bookmarked a bunch of these, thanks!

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You are welcome, @kelley1 . I am probably going to add some of these to the Free Designs area as well.

Nov 25. Grandchild Gift

My grandparents almost always gave me something I could use or something that would teach me something. I’d like to think that if my grandfather had access to a laser cutter, I would have received something like this.

And here’s a video of it loaded with different numbers of coins:


Nice use of the “select box” parameter type!


@tobyschachman That started out as a something to just help me not have to type in different sizes and write them down for testing. :wink:

Nov 26. Revision Disk
Ok, so I had no idea what to do here. So I made a disk that does adding and subtracting of fractions. I figured this could help me in the workshop. It only adds the fractions, giving the fractional result. So if you add 3/4 and 5/8, you will get 3/8. You are on your own for knowing that the actual answer is 1 and 3/8.

But how do I use it?

To add two fractions:

  1. Align the 0/1 from the inner ring on the first fraction from the outer ring
  2. Find the second fraction on the inner ring.
  3. The answer will be aligned with that fraction on the outer ring.

Example of 5/16 + 3/8

Doing subtraction is just the reverse. The above wheel also shows 11/16 - 3/8, with the 0 on the inner wheel pointing to the answer.


“the 31st is going to be a problem”
:rofl: :joy:


Nov 27. “Days Until” Dial

Deluxe Countdown Dial

Are you tired of waiting for the countdown to hit 1? Tired of your countdown dial only being good for one holiday? Well those are things of the past with the Deluxe Countdown Dial. Just choose your holiday and put the counter out 1 day in advance. You’ll always enjoy seeing this dial!

You can customize the dimensions and the list of events in the project.


I won’t be completing the final 3 entries in this challenge. I don’t have a lot of interest in making those. Plus, the pre-Christmas home/work responsibilities are starting to stack up. I have to get moving on my 2022 ornaments.

Thank you to @mr.lockyer for posting this, and thank you to all of you who posted kind words of encouragement.

I can’t believe I did 27 back to back projects, and I’m SO much better and faster in Cuttle than when I started.


Thank you for posting all these cool things! I get really motivated and I’ll do 3-4 things in a row.

Hope the holidays are everything you want them to be!


Neat project, I went into Cuttle and changed solstice for Thanksgiving and added “4th of July” and it added the extra wedge without a hitch.


That’s the way it’s supposed to work! Glad you went in and played with it. :slight_smile:

I’m going to be moving a lot of my custom Python cut generators over to Cuttle. It’s so convenient to alter a parameter and see the change immediately.


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