Glue for Acrylic

Is there a great glue to use on acrylic that dries clear?

I believe there have been many discussions on this in the past. Have you tried the search function?


UV resin works great as a glue for clear acrylic or transparent acrylic but you need a UV light or sunlight.

Hobby Lobby has a great brush on UV resin. I purchased the flashlight from Amazon.

This is another UV resin that also be used but the bottle is big. It is also from Amazon.

Another technique for glueing acrylic to acrylic is to use 100% acetone with a syringe.


There are a bunch of discussions you should read through because you’ll learn a lot :slight_smile:

I use acrylic cement from Tap Plastics but I’m fascinated to try acetone since that won’t glue anything else together!


I have used both the acetone method and the UV resin method. Both serve their purpose, but lately I use the UV resin method anytime I can (clear or transparent). The acetone can leave the surface cloudy if it gets out of where it is needed.


Very early on in the forum, I read that you can actually dissolve acrylic scaps in acetone which makes its own sort of self-adhesive. If I get the time, I’ll try to find the post.


I use Weld-On as I’ve had it for years, but it can be tricky.


I actually have a collection of clear acrylic scraps I saved exactly for this purpose. I just haven’t found something to store the experiment in.


A glass jar. You just have to keep it topped off or a skin will form. I have a tank of AR/CO2 (welding) so put a little in to remove the oxygen.


How do you apply it from the jar? Small paint brush, then cleaned with acetone when done?

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Cheap disposable brushes. Something like 20 for $2, possibly Crayola brand comes to mind, from Wally or a craft store.


This fact is 100% correct!!!

The very first time I did the technique using the acetone I was so very careful but I still managed to get a little acetone on blue acrylic. The two pieces of acrylic stuck together but I
it made the acrylic look damaged because it was cloudy.

I am also sticking with the UV resin technique.


I have just had so much better results with the UV resin. And it is very easy to clean up if I accidently get some where I don’t intend for it to be.

I have even used it fix some of my kids broken toys. I love that stuff.


I’ve used it to fix various plastic things too, including the key fob for my old car. :slight_smile:

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I just recently learned UV resin could be used as a glue!!

I was watching a YouTube video. I did not believe it until I tried it. The next day I was at Hobby Lobby and I saw the little brush on version. It works great.

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