Gluing Endgrain

Interesting experiments related to planar butt joining:

I know some people aren’t fans of watching videos. So, I will summarize:

This woodworker did some experiments with gluing wood in different ways, using a hydraulic press and measuring equipment. It turns out that, contrary to the prevailing wisdom, gluing wood end-grain-to-end-grain is pretty strong – stronger than gluing edge grain in these tests.


I am overjoyed you busted this myth. I enjoyed the video very much and want to thank you for the information and the way you presented the results. I have learned much today. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Thank you so much for that summary, from a person who finds most online video untenable! Now I’m interested to watch.


Thank you. I try to share stuff I stumble on that I think will be of interest here. This video I shared is by Patrick Sullivan.

Video is a good way to present 15 seconds of useful information in 20 minutes, especially when you start involving computerized popularity contests and “monetization.”

Putting some of this stuff on while I am stretching, exercising or doing housework is good for getting some of the info when the information density matters less to me.


Thanks for sharing! Very interesting! I might have to check out more of this guy’s videos.

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Thanks for sharing that was fascinating

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