Gnarly, dude (Natural and finished wood together)



Wood is a very popular material on this forum. And its natural beauty complements its finished beauty well.

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That is an amazing idea. Very neat.


I love those kinds of things. If only my brain could conceive of them before I see then on a forum :smile:


great topic header ! :+1:


oooo i completely agree


Very interesting and artistic way to view a medium. Reminds me of bowls turned on a lathe from stumps or trunks that keep part of the outer bark on the finished project. I suppose you could look at it in a deeper way such as the medium trying to escape back to it’s original form or maybe being transformed from nature by “man” into an object… ( ok… head hurts - maybe it’s just part stick, part frame) :grinning: Either way - looks kewl !


These are extremely well executed, I give the man beaucoup points for the way some shaped & carved elements drift into the live form. While I believe that an occasional live edge can add to the overall enhancement of a piece, I generally dislike pieces that are too rustic for the simple fact that they are too hard to keep clean.


Whoa. Those are pretty cool! Thanks for the post


This is a really cool idea. :deciduous_tree: Great find!


And on a related note…