Go faster

Does the glowforge go any faster if you buy premium?

Nope. The only difference is a small one in processing time, but it doesn’t get you faster motors.


The Pro has a slightly higher power rating so you can cut/engrave a little faster, but that’s the only difference.

The most complex designs I have takes less than a minute to process (no premium here) before a 2-3hr engrave.


figured. ty


The fastest I get is just when I fully bypass the focusing and manual setup of a design. Still get petty result’s without having to wait for the “set focus” process and such.

There are some other “tricks” to make some designs print faster.
Like instead of engraving, using score as much as possible (or defocused score), for example. Also, if you are engraving, the way you position the design can impact the length of time it takes (horizontally, lined up straight, vs vertically, etc.).
If there is something in particular you are trying to reduce the speed of, we might be able to offer some suggestions if you share more. :slight_smile:


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