Gold foil and laser cut menu

Just got done cutting 250 of these for a wedding this weekend. It took 25 hours and me and Steve3 (my GF) need a break from one another, lol.

Here it is leaning against the press I used to print the gold foil on.

I’m so grateful to you guys (and embarrassed) for catching those spelling errors. About 10 people proofed this including people who work at the hotel. I think we were all so enchanted by the laser cutting no one was reading a word. I didn’t have time to recut 250 menus so I had a new foil plate made, had some circle dies for cutting made and we just ended pasting paper over it. The bride and her guests will never know, lol.

I did make this system of rings for assembly on the GF so that things were centered and we didn’t have to think about it when we were double stick taping them together.


Nice Press, long time ago I learned on a Bang Press. Handset cold type. Plus side, I learned to read upside down and backwards, worked in my favor when sitting in front of my bosses desk…


this must be for family or something… what a lot of work… did you laser the plate for the foil as well?

That’s gorgeous! The foiling makes it look so elegant! :grinning:

Those are beautiful! The press is pretty too.
That’s a heck of a run, nice work!

Really cool press! Condition looks brand new. Do you know what year it was manufactured? Any interesting history you would like to share about it?, e.g. Did you have to rebuild it? Original owner?

Beautiful work!

Nice! Did you did them all individually or were you able to stack them at all?
Will all of those tiny squares be used as confetti at the wedding?

Also, it pains me to say this, but it’s Radisson Blu Aqua. Not Raddision…


No I wish!! The plate is copper so that’s not GF combatable. They get acid etched and I have a company I send them out for.

The press was manufactured in the 60s and is in excellent condition. I’m the 3rd owner. Initially it went into a high school in Vancouver and the teacher was the only one allowed to use it. Then he retired and it sat in storage for 20 years. The second owner was a great gentleman from Grand Rapids and he had it in his basement for hobby printing. I’ve owned it for about two years now and I added the after market foil attachment last November. Those are being manufactured today in the UK.


Oh lord, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that. The client sent me text and proofed a million times.


That is such a beautiful design, but I am mostly interested in your menu choices. Looks to be a wonderful dinner. :grin:

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I’m writing a book, maybe I should hire you to do the editing!!!

Wow, very impressive job!

I probably shouldn’t mention the manchego and haricots verts misspellings then. :slightly_frowning_face:


The menus turned out beautifully!

I love that you know the detailed history of your press :slight_smile:

Very elegant piece! I love the foil.

Oh my gosh, that’s fantastic work! Would love to see a GIF or video of that press in action…

Really beautiful work. I’m wondering if you could use Ikonics Laser Mask on the copper plate and laser the mask and then acid etch.

There was a point in time in which my wife and I decided to hand print our invites on Japanese watercolor paper with a woodblock print.

Our marriage has lasted, I must say. Those were tense times.