Golden Email 3 Days Early!


I just received my golden email…3 days earlier than I expected!
The model must have adjusted late today, because when I looked this morning, it was still showing March 9. Well, I just told them to send it on, so I’ll have it hopefully really soon!

I am so freaking excited right now!


Outstanding. Glad you were with us on this ride, now prepare for your adventure. Got the venting worked out?


Not yet. I’ll go in the next few days to pick up a dryer vent. I guess I’ll just put it through a piece of plywood. Not sure. I’m just going to use the cheap plastic vent that I’ve seen @Jules and some others use. Seems to work fine.


You should put up a picture and show the Hive here what you’ve got to work with… You may be surprised at the ideas, you never know. Often, a different perspective can yield unexpected results.


Congratulations! The fun is just beginning!


Here you go! This window seat looks like it was MADE for a Glowforge!


Yay, happy news indeed!


Woohoo! Mine also just moved up 7 days, from the 20th to just one more week away!


Hard to really tell in a picture with no reference. I really hope that seat works for you, but you may want to think of a Plan B.

Tell you why. They are way bigger and heavier than you anticipate.
I suspect the exhaust port on the left side will not be lined up with the window and it does not appear that you have enough clearance to shift it forward.

I hope I am wrong because I agree. It does look like the perfect spot.


Most excellent news! Can’t wait to see what you make! :grinning:




Awesome! That’s a great shift!


Hmmm…good point. There is not much room in the depth category. I might still use this location and just build a little platform to sit in front of the window seat that is at the same height. Then, I could shift the GF forward to make room for the exhaust port if need be.


Thanks, @Jules !

Thank you!

It certainly is! Thank you!


Mine was March 6th and I got the email yesterday but I didn’t accept it, so perhaps you got it. My account now says March 5th which makes no sense.


You didn’t accept it? Like you just didn’t have a chance or you are not going to accept it?


I elected to wait for the software to be finished because I don’t believe it will do what was advertised any time soon or perhaps ever.


That’s wonderful news! Congratulations!


Thank you…I’m pumped!


No doubt … It’s a fun time!