Golden ratio calipers the plans


If you need to check if something is at or about the golden ratio. If you don’t know what that is you don’t need these. :wink:

Cut the inner holes first then the outer outlines.
As you can see, I’ve done these in two different :proofgrade: materials so they should work in any of the 1/8" :proofgrade:

The basic shapes came from plans offered by King’s fine woodworking but I had to completely rework them for laser cutting.

I have included the Fusion file as well as an SVG so if you need to tweak the hole size or something.
I used 1/4" Chicago screws from Amazon.
golden ratio (597.8 KB)

Golden ratio calipers

It’s lovely even if I don’t need it! Thanks!


Make them and you will find a use for them. The golden ratio is everywhere and is naturally appealing.


My goodness but those are lovely


Cool! Looks like the center-finder from way back when here on the forum.
Thanks Mark!


Thanks for sharing


Wow those are really great :heart_eyes: