Golf Tee Template

If you are looking for a quick gift to crank out, here’s a template for Golf Tee engraving. If you have Snap Marks, you can use the jig over and over even after moving the jig. If not, you can still use it to cut the jig and not move it to make multiples.

You text should go in the small purple boxes in your graphic program. Set the text to a black fill. Then save the file and bring it into the Glowforge UI. Cut only the red lines for your jig. Don’t move the cut out, then place your tees in the cutouts and ignore everything but your text engrave.

I cut the template out of cardboard with a height of .15". That is about the height of the tee engrave area also. I found that a setting of 1000 speed, 69 power, and 270 lines per inch gave me good engraves. Stick to block letters, don’t get too fancy.

I’ve included an SVG and a PDF. Both were created in Silhouette Business Edition software. I do hope that the Snap Marks translate well to your software program of choice.IMG_3754 Golf Tee (2.1 KB)
Golf Tee (10.2 KB)


Thanks a Bunch!

I play basketball with a golf pro. he will be tickled :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! I engraved golf ball markers for my mother’s 94th birthday. Maybe she will get personalized tees for her courses opening day.

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Our office overlooks a golf course. This will be a nice “give-away” at the front desk. (and I use Silhouette too). Thanks for the share.

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Very nice, Thank You.

It’s not really much, but could save folks a little time.

Someone did golf markers before & I knew someone would try do tees as well! And thanks for all the info on how you got it to work, too.

I haven’t golfed in a few years, but still go to spring banquet for a league I was in (vending small leather items & cat toys), and having some fun designs on the tees would be a popular new item!

(oh, do see @dklgood read & replied to the thread too–she did the ball markers for her mom who’s still playing–hopefully shooting her age, too! When near the 18th hole, I should add. Many of us hit our age much earlier in the round… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Excellent share! Thank you!

Thanks big time for the template! I’ve been working on my technique, starting from bottom up. Think I’m getting the hang of it!! Boyfriend Dan said he needs more golf tees. For his birthday present tomorrow…20200611_121756|375x500](upload://9GbGWGK1R6aR8kE1zzMhhzZ5d29.jpeg)

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Cute sayings. :sweat_smile:

I made some of these for a family reunion golf tourney along with ball markers. They turned out great! I couldn’t figure out how to get my file from Silhouette over to GF because I’m such a newbie so I just used the Add text feature on the GF tool bar. Thank you for sharing!


Mahalo for sharing! This is awesome!

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