Personalized Golf Tees for Birthday Gift

I’ve been working on my technique, starting from bottom up. I used the template found here: Golf Tee Template Think I’m getting the hang of it!! Boyfriend Dan said he needs more golf tees. For his birthday present tomorrow… :wink:


Good job lining up the text on the tees. :blush:


It took a little practice, but the template sure helped! I was going to TAPE the tees to a board, do it that way. Searched the forums, and OF COURSE some genius (and I mean that) already designed a template just for golf tees! Woo hoo! I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this template many times, too. :wink:


It does not seem like much but I already know his reaction.
Once I realized Dove chocolates had simple life messages on the inside wrapper, I am always glancing at it as I melt another. Sometimes I agree, sometimes it seems over cute, but I always look.

He will get the habit of looking for the text before he beats it with a bent stick.