Good news bad news

Bad news: sitting in a waiting room serving jury duty. Just sitting, waiting… Waiting…
Good news: glowforge pro shipment notification! Supposed to be here tomorrow! Hard to believe it will actually get here that quickly. Will keep everyone posted!!


Congrats! (I think!) :grinning::balloon::confetti_ball::tada::sparkler::sparkles:


I guess you are now hoping you don’t get chosen for a trial! Congrats!

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So glad the bad news was not Glowforge related :slight_smile: !!!

Having served on juries, the waiting room experience is the worst part of it…except maybe being kept from your Glowforge!



Oh man, if you had gotten the glowforge just a few days ago you could have made a big wood “guilty” sign and held it up during jury selection. I’m guessing that would be enough to get you out of court LOL

Congrats on your GF coming!


Make sure to say Hang’em ALL (lawyers and the guilty)!!!

Impending glowforge related illness surely is an excuse to not be selected?

You may be more like me sad when not selected though. Either way I hope the outcome is as you desire.

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Just go into the courtroom with a tin foil hat and announce that you will rule the world with your laser beam. You will get off a 10 day jury duty stay, but may be sent to a mental health facility for 48 hours.


Congrats on the Pro Email! Also congrats on the patience building excercise at the court house! :man_judge:

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I REALLY thought that the delivery time of today was not realistic. After all - It went out at 10PM on the 21st! How could they get that 72 pound box to Tucson in such a short time. Too good to be true I thought… No worries, I am sure it will be here this week… Maybe even by the weekend. Then I checked on tracking:


Congratulations and congrats on the fast delivery.

My mom served as a juror where she knew the judge, one of the lawyers and it was someone suing an insurance company (she worked as an insurance underwriter for over ten years.) They decided she was impartial.


And sequestered to boot :smile:

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Does that mean you already got your PG :proofgrade: box already?

I assume PG = Proof Grade? If so, no - not yet. But it is scheduled for today also. I did already buy from the store and that was received.

Also - For those who want to know - I will keep people informed throughout the day in this topic… Or should I start a new topic?

i note that it says signature required! interesting to see what they end up doing.

I am working from home today - so they better knock on the door and let me have it!