Good news for Vectornator users

Hey folks, I just updated my copy of Vectornator to the latest version (Vectornator X 3.1.8) and noticed that while saving as SVG still results in an incorrect size when opened on the Glowforge, if you save as PDF it comes in at the correct size. Maybe that has always been the case but I never noticed it before. So just make sure you save as a PDF and your design should work fine.

Tagging @ jweers and @ chmwash as I know it was a problem for them.



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Oops, guess I put a space in there. Typing on an iPad doesn’t always get me what I want…


PDF uses real units (e.g., mm or inches) so it ought to always be at the right size.

Whereas SVG usually sizes things in terms of pixels so you have to worry about DPI matching up. (The SVG spec allows for using real units but almost no software actually exports SVGs with real units.)


Thanks so much, I’ve been away from the forge fir a month as there was a death in the family. I’ll be back at it soon I hope. Maybe that’s just what I need to get my mind occupied and back in the mainstream again.

So sorry for your loss. Hope that staying busy helps some.

Oh this is great to know! It’s always been a pain to readjust after loading an SVG. Thank you!