Good resource for Public Domain Files

Hi Glowfolk!

I just found this great resource of public domain files! They have a great collection of pictures, clipart, and other files that could be used with the Glowforge!



Fine print from their site:

What are sponsored files?

To help cover the cost of hosting our site, we may include “sponsored files” in our search results. Sponsored files are provided by 3rd party companies, and may require payment or registration to use the file. Additionally, sponsored files may NOT be in the public domain.

Be careful out there, peeps. Ads are everywhere :slight_smile:


True, but they do a pretty good job of giving info on the files they have.
Here’s an example.

I haven’t come across a sponsored file yet. But I’ve only been on there for 10 mins so far! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I poked around for a sec and noticed that a file was attributed to this source, which may be worth a look:


Ohhh, more resources! Huzzah!

Thank this could be very useful.

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Thanks. Tried to download a clipart image SVG onto my Mac, but wasn’t successful. Any tips?

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Not sure how it’s done on a Mac, but for Windows we click on the thumbnail to open the image, then right click on the image and use Save As to download the file.

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I can vouch here, I use openclipart quite a bit. As with any downloaded svg, inspect paths and nodes before going too far, but generally they’re pretty good.

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