🥳 **Free SVGs Internet Source Library Wiki**

We’ve got these things scattered all over the forum and now most of them are locked up…I thought it would be handy to bump them again in one place for the new users to browse through:

Note: As long as people keep commenting down at the bottom, the thread won’t be autolocked, but I’ll turn the first post into a Wiki in case anyone else wants to edit it and include something I missed. if you have a favorite that isn’t listed, just add it to the Wiki here. :partying_face: :t_rex: :whale:

And don’t forget to drop a Like on the posts to let folks know you appreciate their designs and research. :hatching_chick: :wink:

:boom::dizzy: Free Laser Designs - Glowforge Forum

Internet Sources:


Nice amalgamation. I’m doing it again. :smile:


Thanks for doing this, Jules!


No problem! If you can find any I missed please tuck them in there…it was kind of a quick search this morning…I know there have got to be a bunch I missed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice : Bookmarked all :grinning:

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Normally I’d add openclipart, but they are having hacker problems at the moment and the site is down.

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If you remember later you can always add it then…since it’s :squeeee:“Wikified”!:squeeee:

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If the thread autolocks with the wiki still be editable?

I’m not sure, let’s not risk it.

Yes it will. I’ve had to work around the auto-locks before, so that’s why I set it up as a Wiki. First post will be editable.


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