Good youtube channels to follow for laser cutting/engraving in general? Any GF specific?

I’m new to laser cutting and engraving, but LOVE the idea of getting involved. I purchased the GF the other night, but I’d like to start getting involved now.

I’m not the best reader, so I would love to know what youtube channels/tutorials you love about engraving/laser cutting. I’d like to get started ASAP.
If there are any specific channels discussing the GF that you think are useful, those recommendations would be greatly appreciated as well!

I did a preliminary search here for similar topics but did not come across what I was looking for - if a thread already exists please let me know! Thanks in advance everyone! Excited to get started!!

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Ya have to start with this one…

Right now, as there are no GF units out there, (other than Beta) the number of GF videos are limited for now.
But that will change very fast as soon as the beta team is allowed to post some stuff.

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Welcome Desousska
Take a look at this post and get yourself a Pinterest account. It’s a great place to store inspirational videos, photos and websites.

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That’s great thanks! I believe I’m already subscribed!!

Do you currently subscribe to any laser cutting/engraving channels that you think would apply? For instance, I’ve just got some great info on channels/blogs/tutorials for relevant software (e.g., SketchUp,, etc). So I’ll be starting there first! Hopefully I can get modelling down before the unit ships!

I guess I’m looking to get introduced to laser cutting/engraving. I guess it’s odd jumping into a totally new field with a totally new product!

That’s an awesome idea! I didn’t even think of pinterest :slight_smile:

Here is a Vimeo series. Not to detailed or technical but a laser in action on different things.


Thank you for that! I watched several of the videos and now I’m excited about cutting my own custom mat boards for framing pictures. I wonder if GF can somehow do the mitered cut in addition to the decorative cuts?

The beam and laser head is fixed vertical, so not really. There have been some discussions about being able to slightly raise one edge with a shim or jig within the 1.5" of space below the furthest focal point. That might give you a tiny bit of angle. But nothing that really gives you much of an angle on anything other than small pieces of material. Not with standard picture mats.

I was thinking that the variable power of GF would allow you to create that mitered angle by cutting a tiny bit deeper a tiny distance away from each pass (make sense?–hard to describe), but I may not be understanding the capability of variable power correctly.

What you are talking about seems to be the method used for this pyramid in acrylic. At the time I don’t
think the variable power capability was working and assume they simply used speed changes in the head to burn less or more deep on successive passes. Not an optimum effect but I guess it’s technically possible.

I’ve started my own YouTube channel with a few tutorials on SketchUp. It’s not GF specific, since I don’t yet have one. But I hope to add more videos to it once I get my own GF.

You can find it at: