Goodbye 2016


Happy New Year!

Last night I had a few friends over for a party. We needed to send 2016 out in style, so I knocked up a laser cut 2016 with a stand as a party decoration, and decided we would light it on fire to ring out the old year.

I wanted it to feel substantial so I made the numbers nice and large. I should have taken the time to measure my fire place a little more carefully though, because when the time came the numbers barely fit inside. Along with that, a little overzealous application of lighter fluid by a friend meant that we almost got to call the fire department. But it was a fun and memorable time for all.

Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

What a way to send out the year!


That’s a tradition I could get into … toodles 2016! :smiley:


2016 don’t let the door hit you in the arse😉


I second that.


That pic describes my 2016 pretty well…:neutral_face:


I was just thinking the same thing, it would be a fun way to end each year.


I can’t think of a better year to burn up. Nice idea! New industry: laser cut burnables.


I agree with you. :relaxed:


I’ve certainly had enough of that year.


Hilarious. I love it!


I’m thinking bonfire with scraps and that on top…thanks for the ideas.


Fireplace? I would have gone for a dumpster for the full symbolism :grinning:


what fun!




This is the best. 2016 needs to burn. :smiling_imp: haha


Nothing better than ending the year with some fire.


Don’t say that so loud around @Sawa


Yeah, not a good plan!


Gonna have to remember that one! Awesome idea!