Google doc with settings

So there was a Google doc that had different types of woods and thickness and what settings to cut on. Anyone have any idea where I can find that? Wish I had saved it before!!
I’m using a 1/4in sheet of Baltic birch and I can’t seem to be able to cut through!! Tried twice and it just engraved and doesn’t cut through. Really hope it’s just an issue of settings and nothing wrong with the wood or the laser head.


I’m not sure where the document resides but I bumped this to beyond the manual because Glowforge Support won’t be able to provide you with the file.

With clean optics on my pro, I cut 1/4” Baltic birch at 130 speed, full power, .208” focal height.


Thanks! And one pass should do the trick? Going to try it now.

Yes, 1 pass. If you have a basic, it will need to go a little slower. And your material needs to be flat.


Woodpeckers 1/4” Baltic birch ply (masked on both sides) on my basic cuts with 125 / Full.

Assuming you don’t hit an irregularity, of course.


you mean like this?? What’s the solution to this?? Proofgrade??

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Yep. It happens a lot less frequently. A second pass might finish the cut on crap wood, or if you hit bondo, glue plugs, knots or voids in it, it might not. :neutral_face:

Worth a try though. Test the wood to see if it lifts up before moving the backing material - you can send a second cut if you do not move anything on the bed or the screen and it will cut in the same place.


The solution is to test. And you still won’t get 100% success on every single cut. The optics need to be very clean. The wood needs to be very flat. And even with Baltic birch, I still hit an occasional void in the material that will stop the cut.

Still not sure if you have a basic or a pro, if your optics are clean, etc.

Proofgrade is an attempt to bring some kind of consistency to laser cutting.


I think you’re looking for this: