Got my Air Filter today!

Just an FYI for those waiting on their Glowforge Air Filter. I received mine today. The expected ship day was 12/27.


Funny…mine was supposed to be here 12/12.

Have you received your “Do you want it email yet?” If not I don’t think they will ship it. Double-check your email’s junk folder and if it is not there you can email or just wait a few more days. With the holidays and what not things are probably going to be messed up as regards fulfillment, shipping and delivery.

pictures or it didnt happen…


That’s the same date mine is supposed to ship.

How is it working for you? Photos please!

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Additional discussion at My air filter is here. Live unboxing shortly, for what it’s worth. I’d be very curious to hear others’ experiences, since there seem to be very few of these in use so far.

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You’re so lucky.
I’ve been waiting almost a year. Mine got pushed to October, then December, now to Feb 2020.

Does rolling it around the floor, to get it out of the way, count as use? I haven’t had time to modify my venting system to try it out yet.

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That’s all I did with mine, after the quick test.

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I have used it and it works well! The lack on integration with the GF is a bummer but not a show stopper. The unit is pretty heavy and very well built.

There is a knob for fan speed. It is a little bit of guess-work for the user on how to set it.

From the manual:

The knob on the Glowforge Air Filter controls the power to the fan. When it is too high or too low, your Glowforge Air Filter will not work properly. When you first use your Glowforge Air Filter, turn it to “New”. The fan will use its lowest power setting, which is the best setting for a new filter. Do not use a higher setting, as more power will move air too quickly, and smoke and fumes may not be completely removed. After you have used the filter for a while, the filter cartridge will start to fill. More power will be required to move the air through the Glowforge Air Filter, and the “New” setting will no longer reduce smoke and fumes. If you Ȥnd there are still smoke and fumes on the lowest setting, use the middle setting, halfway between Ǻ0ewǻ and ǺFullǻ. Finally, when the Ȥlter cartridge is almost full, it will again stop reducing smoke and fumes, and more power will be required to fully eliminate smoke and fumes… Turn the knob to “Full.”



I just received my emails after years and years of waiting!!!

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What are the dimensions? From the picture it looks a lot larger than I was expecting! I am hoping it will fit underneath my desk…

It should fit under your desk, unless it is a very small desk. I think the glowforge in the picture is sitting on a coffee table. I have the gf filter and it comes to about my knee. What you may not be able to tell is that there are casters on the bottom so it rolls.

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Oh good, Thank you! Ah, now I see the coffee table in the picture.

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