Got my Forge across the border, sans crumb tray

Not sure if this is a first or not, but my Forge was delivered without a crumb tray.

It seems that the shipper missed a line in my address. Luckily my parcel receiving place was able to look up the second tracking number (the shipper only sent me one number for both the Glowforge and the crumb tray) and find it waiting for an address update in UPS’ system.

The Forge arrived because it had the full address on the packing slip. As per the standard, it arrived with 3 plastic handles and the bottom tape falling apart, but it looks to be in good shape.

Support - please check your email for the tracking number.

On another note, my Glowforge Pro is on Canadian soil, but I can’t really do the full setup until I get the crumb tray installed :frowning:


The tray comes in its own box. I’d guess they usually arrive at the same time, but sometimes they’re going to be off a little. You should have a 2nd tracking # for the tray box.

It’s not ideal, but you can. You can get it setup completely. Connect it to your WiFi, it’ll calibrate, and you’ll be ready to go!

Then, if you want to run a job, you can stick a nice thick block of wood or something in. Add the height of the block and your material together, subtract the height of the crumb tray (at work, so I don’t have that value, but you can find it in these forums), and that will be what you set for your “material thickness.”

I understand you might not want to start that way. I know I wouldn’t have wanted to. But if you feel comfortable, you can do it no problem. Plus you get the added advantage of doing a run without the tray right off the bat. Many people eventually need to do that anyway depending on the thickness of the materials you end up using.

Good luck!


The crumb tray is 1.5 inches tall.

The vent tubing and clips are packed with the crumb tray, though. You’ll want to have outside venting set up. If you don’t want to wait, you can (at least where I live) buy a kit with everything you need at hardware stores where they sell clothes dryers, for around $10.


Mmmmm… I’m afraid your calipers might not have been calibrated when you measured. I didn’t want anybody using the wrong number so I remoted into my home machine to check my value.

The crumb tray, by my measure, is 1.36".

If you’ve been calculating with 1.5" you’ve gotten vastly different results than expected.

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Placement might be off a tad, especially at the edges of the field, but focus would still be correct as long at the top surface was within 0.5", since it’s achieved by the red dot laser, not the lid cam. FWIW, I use 1.4" as the ‘magic number’ for bed height and get good, consistent results.

@laird’s statement of 1.5" is also correct – all three crumb trays I’ve measured have been 1.5" from the GF floor to the top of the tray’s black plastic frame, with the honeycomb 0.1" below that, giving me the 1.4" magic number. YMMV, obviously.


Yes… Unless you’ve set your focus height to compensate for the material height. And that’s really what I was getting at.

Ok. Your earlier post confused me by specifying “material thickness,” not “focus height.”

Sorry for the confusion.

In my shipping email, I had the forge’s tracking number listed twice. Like I said, they didn’t include the full postal address in the waybill. The forge made it because the packing slip had the full address exposed. The crumb tray evidently did not.

While I could start burninating the woods now, I am pretty sure I would have to fiddle a fair amount to get my proofgrade materials to the right height (which is effortless, with the tray installed).

I’ve waited 2+ years, I can wait a couple more days to get the shipping issue fixed.


Thanks for the post. My glowforge is out for delivery and I decided to check for the crumb tray as well (also going across the border) of course my email also has the same tracking number for both items.

Edit:looks like it gives everyone the correct info but it’s a little mashed together.

I think mine was the same; same number listed twice… if I remember correctly though, each hyperlink went to a different tracking number? (@BSheremeto might click both hyperlinks?)

Either way, I was able to see both tracking numbers someway…

Definitely an error in the email though.

Both links go to the same place for my email. But at the bottom of the UPS page, it lists multiple packages and gives me the other tracking number. That’s obviously how the receiver found the other tracking number.

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Both of my hyperlinks went too the same place but the tracking number lists two packages on it. But only on the desktop link and not the mobile link.

So confusing but not a screw up. Very happy about that

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.