Got My GF - the alignment is close to perfect


Too close to call!!

Way to go GF …


I thought I had one of the best ones for this but if possible yours is better! Congratulations.

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thanks… Have you got your SO?

Yes but I’ve had very little chance to use it. Hopefully I’ll get to know it better this next week as I am taking a Staycation.

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Have fun … send some pictures… Still waiting on mine.

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I just tested my warranty replacement and it was dead on also. It sounds like they are getting the kinks worked out.

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Good news for Ben Squared… (got it ? ben * ben) :sunglasses:


Mines been pretty much spot on since day 1 as long as I enter the correct material height. Maybe off by 1.5mm at the edge.


I wonder why some people’s machines seem so much more accurate than others. Mine tends to be really close horizontally, but about an 1/8 to 1/4 inch off vertically (usually closer to an 1/8th). Which is a lot more accurate than some people, but less accurate than others. I know material thickness, glowforge level-ness, and some other factors affect how accurate the alignment is job-to-job, but it seems like some machines are generally much more accurate and some are generally much less accurate.

I’m not complaining about my accuracy or anything. For what I have been doing, it’s fine enough. I’m just curious why there’s so much apparent variation. And if they’ll eventually be similarly accurate, or if some machines are always going to be more off than others.

Or are the older machines as accurate as they’re going to get?

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I suspect that if they could just do more math on the per-machine data they have, and improve everyone’s alignment even more … They would have done so by now. They did a magical alignment improvement update once already and that may be all we get. There’s just no way to know.


I have the same question but consider my self lucky with mine. I have seen some that were WAY off.

Mine is pretty much perfect in the front-back dimension, anywhere on the bed. In terms of the left-right direction it’s close to perfect at the center but off by a few mm in opposite directions at the left and right edges. The fish-eye correction seems to be off by a small factor on the X-axis scaling, but the image is centered perfectly and the y-axis scaling is perfect.

It’s improved some over time. The y-axis has always been very close, but used to be slightly off. The x-axis used to have a noticeable offset but that’s gone now, just the slight error in the x-axis scaling factor remains.

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Oh no - we have more work underway!


On mine it’s the other way around. I had figured out how many ticks (arrow clicks) to move a design to get it lined up perfectly. Then one day the Y was off…I didn’t need those ticks anymore - just didn’t realize it because there’s no notice that they’ve done anything :slight_smile: Just waiting for the X axis now :smile: