Got my Glowforge in Vietnam...but looks like there is water Water in the Tube?

Looks like there is water in the tube, is that normal


It should purge out when you power it on. It only looks like water, but it’s made of unicorn tears, so it won’t freeze.
Both Pro and Basic models are liquid cooled.


The coolant in the tube is perfectly normal. Nothing inside of the Glowforge is wet to the touch, right? No water inside the bag?

After you start it up, it will purge that air bubble out and you won’t even be able to see the coolant in there.


It’s normal. The air will purge out. The liquid will remain.


In other news…so happy for you to have received your Glowforge. Looking forward to seeing what you create!


It’s not water (I hope). I would guess it’s mineral oil. Same stuff I use in my liquid cooled PC. It’s not conductive so if it leaks you won’t get electrocuted. And it won’t corrode electronics.

It’s there because the laser gets hot in operation, so it needs to be cooled. The inner tube (which is where the lasing is happening, you’ll be able to see it flicker when the laser is operating) is enclosed in an outer tube that the coolant flows through to keep the inner tube cool.


Congratulations on receiving your Glowforge!

Can’t believe how easy it was,. Started working a wallet for our Burmese friends.IMG_20180319_192710|375x500


That’s great! The photo didn’t come through though. You might need a little space between it and the text.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

@VietsWay I’m glad you are up and running! If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.