Got my Glowforge yesterday

Got my Glowforge yestesday, did the set up, cut a few things and all was great. Turned the machine on today, went to, but I don’t seem to have the links to actually print, or get to the design store, shop, etc. Feeling stupid, don’t understand why the links aren’t obvious to me from

Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Amy


Your new best friend is – It’s the best entry point now that you have your GF.


Congrats! :grinning:


Thank you!.

Thank you!

Congratulations! Got mine yesterday too. Wish I was at home with it instead of being at work!


Awesome, congrats! I know how exciting you (we) must be!

Congrats to you too! :grinning:

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Hooray for all! Best news ever!

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Bookmarks are your buddy :slight_smile:

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I use Firefox, but you can do what I did when I saw that Chrome seemed to be the one ring to rule them all for some reason.

Install a version of Google Chrome, and do a startup page of

I also have it pointing to the status page

These two sites are the only thing I use it for. Quick and easy, plus no danger of closing a page at a critical phase (or some other absentmindedness event that occurs when you are old).

Thank you, I love the way you put that! Frodo rules!

Thank you, trying to get hang of this. I’m the perfect test subject for non-techie person decides to buy a Glowforge!

Thank you, I will take all of the tips I can get!

Thank you!

Thanks for the answer @dwardio.

@alindblade I’m sorry that wasn’t clear. Congrats on receiving your Glowforge!

If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.

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