Got my Inventables $100 Gift Certificate


Check your emails
Mine just came in :slight_smile:


Got mine


Yup! :grinning:


Oh Snap - me too !!


Nothing for me yet. Maybe it’s because some of my order still hasn’t shipped because a few things are backordered.


Mine ended up in gmail’s promotion folder…


yep. Received mine. Will hold out til close to the end though to decide how to use it… I want to play around with my new machine for a bit


Mine arrived as well.


Got it too!


@rotors, part of my original order is backordered too. Search your email folders to see if it went to a spam folder or something.


Good call. Mine was in my spam folder for my Yahoo account. Thanks.


Yay! Me too!

I think some more dual tone acrylic is in my future. I’ve been having fun making “special” nameplates for some of my cow-orkers :slight_smile:


Mine was for $50. Why the variable amounts of $50 vs $100? Anyone know?


They are referring to the Inventables promotion of buy $100 in Dec, get $100 gift certificate in Jan.

Are you talking about the $50 Glowforge certificate to Inventables?


Waiting in my inbox, though probably wait a week or two to use it.


Mine has not arrived either, but I ordered just after Christmas so maybe they are going in order by when we placed the order.


got mine, too! yay!

now to decide what to buy…


They’re sold out of a lot of different hardwoods, especially anything 1/8". I put some stuff in the cart, but I’ll give it a couple of weeks and look again.


Thanks for the explanation @rpegg, figured it had to be something different but now I know the specifics! Thanks!


Yes! Got it. (in the gmail promotions folder)