Got the email*

For my Shaper origin. I didn’t procrastinate on it. First hours of the first day.

In other news, I have a date for today to get my :glowforge: email and it looks like they are right around 4 days behind their own predictions for these so the race is still on Shaper just cleared the turn in the lead.


Well it guess congrats!!!

I’m in the same boat of Shaper Origin,
Tempted to cancel and order it.

What are your expectations with the origin?

I’ve been following this project since it was a paper published by some guys at MIT, and I got to run one briefly at NYMF so I am expecting greatness.

I already have one cnc so it will be interesting to see what becomes my go-to machine.


…and the tension mounts! :wink:

I got the email for my Shaper Origin the other day too. :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with the Shaper Origin. I really wanted to back it but I had too much tied up with other equipment and inventory at the time.

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Have you seen this post?

It seems that once again the way glowforge is actually working is not exactly what you’d expect when you first hear it described. Personally, I’m trying to choose not to be too worried about those dates slipping until I’m past the week after mine.

We were much later on our origin purchase, but can’t wait to start seeing what people do with them!


Oh, the Shaper Origin has already shipped? (or in process) I haven’t been following that very closely and didn’t realize they were this close to actually producing units to customers. Very cool!

And hopefully you will get your GF email very soon!

They are collecting addresses. They expect to start shipping later this month. They will be rolling shipments like the Glowforge.

Yes I have and I have to take everything with even more salt than everyone else because I have a pru, if I continue to get pushed back I’m fine.

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Click bait! :smile:


I almost edited the title to reflect that :wink:

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Hey I put an * at the end. :smile:


And they’re taking orders for the second batch. The price is about half way from the (astounding) Kickstarter preorders and the list price. So … an amazing deal for what it does. There have been tons of reviews of early units, very positive. My theory is that for things that fit into the Glowforge, laser is precise and easy. For anything larger, Shaper Origin. As long as it’s flat. If it’s not flat, 3D printing… :slight_smile:


You have it covered except not flat but I want wood or some other stuff. Then cnc with 4th axis. My handibot covers that.

Nice! I wish I had a real CNC mill… so many tools…

Cnc router, but still great. :grin:


Thats awesome, been considering ordering one, please let us know what your thoughts are when youve had a chance to play with it more

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Shaper is just toying with my emotions now.
Just got another email from them.
No tracking number yet, just saying this is really happening. :angry:

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