Goudy Z



Looks like they have a nice variety of substrates to try! Thanks for the link.


I really like how the slate engraves. Maybe make some trivets? Get a larger piece, maybe slightly thicker and then throw some rubber feet/bumpers on the bottom. Trivet!


I was disappointed to find out that Michael’s didn’t have any other slate than some coasters…but, thought the price on the Amazon ones weren’t that bad.


I ordered a set last night. (The cheese boards.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Planning to do a LOT of slate, but not buying any slate until at least :glowforge: is on the way.




These turned out lovely!


Love the slate engrave, what were the settings you used?


I thought it was chocolate :smile:


Link to the Settings here:



Those turned out great! But I would expect nothing less than perfect from you by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh crap! I can’t live up to that! ROFL! :smile:


I’m sure I’ll do the V8 forehead slap, but what is this?

edit; duh…first pass? Love the new language that’s forming here…all because of a laser. Not just ANY laser, mind you.


Focal Point. Sorry! :grin:


Do you have another nearby you could call? I have 3 within my normal shopping radius and only the one near my office carries slate, but they carry 5-6 different platter / wall plaque sizes in addition to the coasters. All $2.99 or under, all branded ArtMinds. Some of them are available online: http://bit.ly/2thFgdf


Do you have a Re-Store near you? The one up here has all shapes and sizes of pieces of slate.


I’ve got 2 not too far away. I thought of getting some materials there, but never thought of slate.


We don’t have a Re-anything near here! Very small town. Joking aside, there might be one somewhere 30 min. from here, but really not worth the drive for me. Thanks for the suggestion, though!


No…probably only Portland…way too far to bother with. Ah, the trade offs for living in a small town. Thanks for the suggestions.


Worth a lot if the drive nets you a ton of slate for little. I wouldn’t expect that necessarily, though.