Goudy Z



In between testing for settings, I ran off a few slate initial coasters for gifts for in-laws…Goudy Initialen, with a heck of a lot of clean-up work. (It’s a very messy font.)

First pass at slate…I really like it. I need to find something else besides coasters though…how many coasters does a person really need? :slightly_smiling_face:

Settings for Engraving on Slate

Love the font! Why did you have to clean it up, aren’t fonts vector? I’ve been trying to find an electronic copy of Pouchee’s typography with no luck so far.


Love the pattern/Z. Can’t remember how much you said you paid for them, but if you’re interested…these are some that I bought. Haven’t used them yet.


Lots of options with Slate. You need new/more customers.


If you zoom in and look closely at how the font is constructed, it’s rather a mess. Lots of chopped off segments instead of smooth flowing curves…

(I’m just picky…probably would be fine without modification.)


Sweet! Might have to grab a few of those…(not much more than I paid for the coasters.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I can definitely tell where you cleaned it up.


Wow! That came out stunning!


These are gorgeous! Love how the engrave looks on slate.


Wow, the contrast so excellent on those. Fun design, too! :smiley:


Beautiful! I love the look and feel of slate. Have you put mineral oil or anything on them to make them pop or is this natural?


Wow, fastastic! The unengraved portion recedes so deeply they look carved! I really must try the slate.


Beautiful! Slate does really well in the 'forge.


They look great. Did you try the inverse too and like this better?

I’m planning on one set of coasters for a conference room at work and that’s it. That sounds like “famous last words” though.


Lemon Pledge to finish. :wink:


Not yet. This was the first run at slate. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! I’ve been trying to do pictures on slate coasters. Not as much success. It looks okay, but not great. I think my issue is the speed I’m going at can’t pick up some of the dithering.


I bought a 40 pack of slate coasters! :grin:


Where from?



I was very close to buying 80.