Gowforge Issues x 2

I have just had a week with my Glowforges. My newly refurbished pro had to be replaced back in August and after paying well over 1K for that, the same issue has happened where the amber light is glowing and nothing will work and they say nothing can be done about it and I need to pay for yet another refurbished unit, I think I was sent a faulty machine.

So now my basic has been acting a bit weird. I have not bumped in once yet my engraves have been off several times in a day in between me recalibrating multiple times throughout. My room temperate is about 68 degrees and now during a 45 min print the ‘cooling down’ is happening every 10 minutes or sometimes less then. Is this underlying for a bigger issue? I haven’t inquired with support about these issues yet, as I am still waiting to get my pro figured out.

Thanks in advance. I am prepping for a big art show and holding my breath this one doesn’t go out as well.

Regarding the engraves being off, I would closely inspect the belts for any debris. As well as all the pulleys for possible cracks.

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