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I think it is lovely the amount of options for the graphics on the catalog but it is overwhelming as the first several hundred options when you sort new to old. Anyway to make that less graphics and more typical projects if that makes sense?


Your suggestion is a good one, in my opinion. Glowforge support personnel have not monitored this forum for quite some time now, so your voice is only being heard here by other owners. I suggest you send Glowforge support an email to encourage them to make this change.


Good Idea! I just submitted a support request!


You can check everything EXCEPT graphics in the bar on the left


I agree with this whole topic. I had the same issue and I needed to go do the filters but didn’t, and it was a pain. I wish there was a select all and then you could just unselect the appropriate box.


I found that when I searched everything except Graphics as ekla said, I could no longer search by date, so non graphic items showed up for me in random order. Thus, it was kinda less painful to search by Recent and scroll lots. I sent a note to support about the loss of the Recent search feature when eliminating Graphics.

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I clicked on “Free with Premium”, selected all of the collections except graphics, and then sorted new to old and it actually worked pretty well for me.
Edited: Nevermind, the sort is NOT accurate, which is weird. Some of the things on the first page are not the newest at all.

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