Gravit SVGs and JPEGs coming in small

Hey, I’m using Gravit Designer to create images. I’ve got my page sized to 18" x 10" and have my design laid out. If I export the cuts as SVG or the Engrave as JPEG they both some in smaller to the GFUI, about 13.8" x 7.8". If I embed the JPEG into the SVG in Gravit and then export that SVG it still comes in small. Any Ideas?


Not familiar with Gravit Designer at all, but the usual problems with artwork being resized in the Glowforge interface has to do with the DPI that a native program uses for export. The GFUI uses 96 dpi. If your program uses something else (like 72 dpi resolution) then your image gets resized.

You can either make sure the dpi in your program is set to 96 dpi when you save the file, or you can try designing on a 20" x 12" artboard. (The latter is a workaround that should fix it for all programs.)


The second option would be preferred by me since it maintains both positioning and correct scaling. Plus, you actually have an idea of where things are placed on the bed. But, that’s just me.

This might help also:

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Thanks for the responses everyone. I Guess exporting through PDF after embedding the JPEG is probably my best bet for Gravit until the add in the ability to adjust SVG DPI.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the help @Jules & @jbmanning5. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!