Gravograph Plastic

trying to Engrave on Gravograph plastic cannot get the setting correct has anyone else done this and can help with the setting

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Hi @jahebert, welcome to the forum! Posting in Problems and Support actually opens a support ticket, and engraving on non-PG materials is outside the scope of the support team. I’m going to move this over to Beyond the Manual for you, because that’s the only area where we can discuss non-PG settings. :slight_smile:

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P.S. Try a search on “Gravograph.” I got 15 hits, but don’t have time right now to look at each one. Maybe someone has posted settings for it before!

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Welcome to the forum. When trying to use non proofgrade materials, testing is often your best bet. Here is a link to a file that comes in really handy for dialing in settings for new materials.


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